This page marks the end of a quest for me. Johnny Turbo finally has received the attention he had begged for almost a decade ago. He can now rest in peace. Back in his day, everyone dismissed Johnny's insane ramblings immediately, and his violent propaganda was quickly repressed deep within the video game playing public's subconscious. Recently, however, his story has been shared with the world once again, and unlike before, the public now welcomes him with open arms. We welcome him with everything from flippant ridicule to - I'm totally not kidding here - actual fanart. It just seems appropriate, then, to put an end to this years-old article with a shrine showcasing all reader-contributed discoveries and creations related to your hero and mine, Johnny Turbo. If you have anything at all you'd like to contribute to this section, let me know and I'll add it as soon as possible.

Sightings and Discoveries

All future Johnny Turbo-related findings will be documented in this section. Pretty much anything could show up here, but this section is mainly concerned with media that references - intentionally or unintentionally - anything related to the Johnny Turbo comics. Reader submissions are more than welcome.

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HI, GUY. Many, many thanks go to Chibi-Tech (I'm pretty sure it was you...wasn't it?) for providing the world's first picture of the real-life Johnny Turbo. Yes, this is real. Scary, scary stuff, I know.

IceKnight discovered this charming fellow in the arcade version of Sega's OutRunners. He bears a close enough physical resemblance, but the psychotic twitching seals it - this IS Johnny Turbo. Nice find!

This one was contributed by Joel Rose. Episode #45's cover page appears to be an homage to the original poster for Star Wars. I'm kinda surprised I didn't pick up on that before now, actually...but thanks for pointing that out.

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Here's an interesting one. RmM, noted author of the web's best Ikari Warriors review, scanned this piece from a Finnish magazine that was published several years ago. Apparently, Sega of Europe was running a print advertisement campaign in the early days of the Genesis that featured kids wearing suits and ties. Could this be where the geniuses behind Johnny Turbo got their inspiration for the Feka goons? Could be! Great observation there, mang.

RmM also points out that this PlayStation joystick is advertised as having the ARCADE FEEL!! Ha! Pretty funny, but I can one-up that just a bit...

Taken from the X-Arcade website. I really have nothing more to add to that quote other than hahahahaha!

Over the last few months, many (many, many) people have written in to suggest that the "NEAL" who drew the Johnny Turbo comics was in fact Neal Adams, famed comic book artist. I didn't really believe this at first, but after seeing how badly he gayed up poor Superman in the picture you see to your left, it somehow seems like a definite possibility now. Don't ask why - it just makes sense. Thanks go to my own dad (of all people) for pointing me toward this picture.

Well, you know it had to happen eventually. Someone made a Flash animation (one of those reviled animutations, no less) that prominently features Johnny Turbo in a starring, singing role. The author doesn't credit me at all, and the animation is surprisingly effective at crashing my computer, but come on, it's Johnny Turbo! Watch it here.

Finally, some real evidence that Johnny Turbo actually did something in the games industry. It's hard to tell exactly what he did ("special thanks" isn't particularly descriptive), but still, it's something. This shot, taken by Keelan McKenna, is supposedly from the TurboDuo game "Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes,"...which is such a generic title that I'm not quite sure if I should believe that it's a real game or not. I'll just assume the best for now, I guess.

Somewhat more impressive, though, is this piece of mind bogglingness that BMF found recently, which offers the first solid proof of Tony's existence. I'm awed, really. I wasn't a total believer before, but now I know that he has to be out there. Where he's working now - if anywhere - remains a mystery to me, though. Anyone feel like tracking him down?
Okay, this is the easily the biggest Johnny Turbo-related discovery that will ever grace this section. Brace yourselves, because previous contributor Joel Rose has actually - for serious, here - found a video featuring Jonathan Brandstetter extolling the virtues of the TurboDuo on what appears to be an early-90's PBS special about CD-ROM technology. It's an utterly massive download (it took me a couple of weeks to get the 250 MB version on dialup), but oh my lord is it ever worth it. I mean, it's video - moving pictures and accompanying audio, if it hasn't sunk in yet - of the real-life Johnny Turbo. Admit it, you know you can't live another second without seeing this. So start downloading already.

Joel also points out that one of the guys shown early in the video looks a whole hell of a lot like Tony...which would be coincidence enough on its own, but there's also the fact that the game he's showing off is none other than Sherlock (fucking) Holmes. Creepy? Yes, quite.

Anyway, there's plenty to like in the video (dig Johnny's blank expression when the Sony guy shows off his hardware), but my personal favorite part is when the show's host totally disses Lords of Thunder, calling it a "basic shoot-em-up game," and "(not) the greatest use of technology." You can tell Johnny wants to go Feka on the guy, but it's all he can do to suppress his rage with a smirk.

Seriously, watch this thing now. It's the greatest.


For whatever reason, a disturbing number of people have taken to using Johnny Turbo avatars in their message board profiles and livejournals recently. You can't know how jarring it is to be browsing a random message board and suddenly be confronted with a post by someone who is using a gaping-mawed Johnny Turbo avatar. It's actually quite frightening, and also a little intimidating.

So for your amusement and convenience, I've put together a series of avatars that should suit your every mood and whimsy. Feel free to steal these and mutilate them in whatever way you wish. As long as you're helping to spread the word of Johnny Turbo, you're cool with me.

(Update: When I said "steal these," I didn't mean "link directly to them, steal my bandwidth, and cause the entire network to go down because you're an image-leeching dickass." To clarify, you need to save these images and upload them to your own webspace. To everyone who linked directly to these images before now - including a certain "poster of the year" at - you owe us some money. Please get in touch.)

(Okay, so I'll finish extracting avatars from issues 2 and 3 later, if there's a demand for it. Making these things is just getting too tedious, too quick. I did, however, finish making a full set of Tony avatars. Enjoy.)


Yeah, right. Made you look!

You sick fuck.


Actually, it may not be fanfiction in the strictest sense, but this deserves special mention at least somewhere on this page for two reasons: one, it captures the spirit of Johnny Turbo perfectly, and two, it's a review on GameFAQs that's worth reading, which is a remarkable thing in and of itself. I don't know who made this, but whoever you are, I thank you for blowing my mind with your incredible anonymous awesomeness.

H Hog also contributes this, which is highly amusing, and is the closest to sexyhot JT romance fic that we're probably going to get for now.

There's still no explicit textual Johnny on Tony action to be found anywhere, though, despite my fervent searching. Sorry.


For whatever perverse reason, a small but growing percentage people like to abuse themselves by drawing Johnny Turbo. I don't know why exactly they do this, nor will I won't ruin their fun by questioning their motives. Instead, I'll just bring this article to an end by giving Johnny Turbo a new beginning - through fanart. It's kind of satisfying in a way, knowing that Johnny's grotesque features will live on as a subject for bored, budding artists to commit to various mediums. Satisfying, and kind of sickening. But hey, you know, whatever. Here's the art. If you ever want to draw something Turboish and have it displayed here, I'll be more than willing to oblige you.

See you on the flip side, Turbofans.

"DOESN'T EVEN COMPARE" by BlazeHedgehog (

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"OH MY GOD" by Luckett X (

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"Johnny Turbo vs. Segata Sanshiro" by Manga-Maniac (

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Totally rad comic by Jess Ragan (The Gameroom Blitz)

(click for full comic)

("Phil N." writes this about the above: "No offense to the guy who made the comic on your 'The Search for Johnny Turbo' page, but I thought that his comic had an unrealistic response from Tony. So, I made this from it." Thank you, Phil. Thank you very, very much for that.)

Not really fanart but close, I guess (unknown artist, found by Spinner 8)

Unintentional (?) Johnny Turbo Fanart (by Sierra, found by Cameron Dominick)

A Triumvirate of Terror, by John James (

TONY!!!!! by Mia Descandion

and finally...

Johnny Turbo, Sonic-style and chibified, by...uh, some guy I met at CGE (Dude, who are you?! Get in touch, dammit!)

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