Okay, fine.  So go on and beat up a few innocent androids if it'll make you feel better.  But this is taking it all just a little bit too far.  Mr. Turbo, did you really have to lay waste to an entire city block in your quest to find and beat up non-humans?  I don't know, maybe you were in the Feka district of town, so such extreme violence could be called for and executed without risking human life.  But I'm more inclined to believe that several hundred innocent people had to die just so you could destroy your competition.  In a literal sense.

So begins the second issue of the Johnny Turbo saga.  Sets quite the tone, doesn't it?  Nothing says "buy our video game hardware" better than a big pile of rubble with dead bodies strewn about.

And then there's the title.  "Let 'Em Dangle!!" eh?  That's a good one.  Heh, heh - dangle.  Johnny's doing more than letting that Feka goon dangle, though.  Seeing as how the poor guy's hat and glasses are flying off simultaneously, and at different angles, one can infer that Johnny is attempting a particularly cruel method of death here - superfast vibration so as to cause liquification of the victim's innards.  Sick.

Now, the text box, aside from continuing the series' affinity for the double exclamation mark, is noteworthy because it mentions Sega's supposed deceptive propaganda.  That's more than a little funny, considering that "propaganda" is just the word one could use to describe what we're discussing right now.  Johnny Turbo is the very embodiment of propaganda.  The very definition.  So while this notation is rife with irony, it also kind of makes sense - is there a better way to fight propaganda than with more propaganda?  Well, actually there probably is a better way (I'm fairly well convinced that *anything* would better serve TTI's propaganda purposes than THIS), but barring that, what if that propaganda you're fighting against doesn't exist in the first place?  Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let's move on.

But check out Tony first.  You'd be hard pressed to find a happier man.  He looks positively gleeful to see that his partner, ahem, has destroyed several tons of property and is in the process of killing yet another one of his hapless victims.  I like his pose, too - the whole hand across the chest thing brings to mind a breathless "land SAKES!" escaping his lips.  You'll also note that this is the first and only time that Tony is seen outside of his and Johnny's apartment.  Being a good housewife means that you have to give up a lot of things you enjoy, but going out for killin' is something that all couples can enjoy together.

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