So, it begins.  And right off the bat, you know what kind of pain you're going to be in for.  The president, or rather, the redeyed midget communist czar of Feka (and might I say what a clever name that is - it's pronounced Fake-ah, I presume?), is using his loyal army of Blues Brothers clones to...make a profit!  Evil!  But he doesn't just want to make a profit, no sir.  He wants to make a profit by spreading what would ultimately be ineffective lies regarding a competing system that no one in "the unsuspecting public" would ever even consider spending their money on anyway!  That...bastard!

This page sums up the focal point of this entire shameful piece of propaganda - TTI wants to make the point that they put out a CD system before Sega did.  The only question what?  Ooh, whoopee.  You rushed out an incredibly expensive add-on to your misnomered* TurboGrafx-16 system a couple of years ago, and what, do you think you deserve a cookie, or something, now that Sega has jumped on the CD bandwagon?  Do you honestly think that anyone cares that you brought out a woefully undersupported $500 system that, according to what I remember hearing from some customer service game system repair guy more than a decade ago, is "easy to break and hard to fix?"  Jeez, guys.  If anything, you should be trying to hide this embarrassment.  Changing your name to TTI was a good start, but publicly admitting your past mistakes is taking a few steps backward in the whole 'reinventing yourself / hiding your shameful past' sorta thing.

And nothing says 'evil corporation' like a skull-shaped curtain clasp.

*As every well-read video game dork knows, the TurboGrafx-16, despite every claim made by NEC, was actually an 8-bit system.  An 8-bit system with a good graphics processor, maybe.  But an 8-bit system.  I'm sure if Sega had ever felt at all threatened by Keith Courage and his ilk, they could have destroyed that uppity little system with a single ad campaign.

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