mia_d: god the image of the guy's head
mia_d: is hilarious
sardius: he's in such incredible agony.
sardius: but from what? it is a mystery.
mia_d: his father died that morning
mia_d: was murdered
sardius: and to top it all off, he lost his LAST-CHANCE.
sardius: and that was it for him.
mia_d: he watched his father die, too
mia_d: the blood splattered all over
mia_d: his mother, well she's in the hospital
sardius: she's not expected to pull through.
mia_d: How will he tell her that the only man she has ever loved, the one thing she's staying alive for, the man she's fighting cancer for, was murdered over his missapropration of corporate funds
mia_d: see his father stole from the till, but it was only to fund the new house for orphans
mia_d: and he only took from the MONEY TO BUY ANIMALS TO SHOVE EYELINER IN fund
mia_d: so really what was the harm?
mia_d: But George Lastner didn't think so
mia_d: he knew what was going on
mia_d: and he wasn't going to stand by and go thorugh the authorities
mia_d: he knew the police were on the pro-orphan payroll
mia_d: so he did it his way
mia_d: and that poor son, walking through the front door to give his dad the paper, saw the whole thing
mia_d: the blood, the gun, oh it was terrible
mia_d: George didn't notice the son there, luckily
mia_d: but the son saw George
mia_d: and he knew what he had to do. He knew what he needed to do to make everything right in the world: Perform sloppy cunnilingus on some random mahjonng slut
sardius: my god, if there is a way, I HAVE to.